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Hangout: Rooftop Bar and Lounge in Kasauli

Dining out always has its own place in life. Now, If you Plan a Night Out in Kasauli, Hangout boasts itself as the Best in Kasauli and most Happening Bar & Restaurant in Himachal, India. If you Google: Most Happening Bar in Himachal, India. In spite of its tiny size, Hangout defeats and stands apart as the best Bar and Restaurant in Kasauli with its spectacular design to its live theater of delightful food, music and good wines, artistry of its splendid chefs, musicians and DJ's. DJ Paras makes you enjoy the best and the latest songs.

Introducing the Crown of Kasauli Regency(can be honoured as one of the Best Hotels in Kasauli) Hangout, the Roof Top Bar & Lounge, Check Photo Gallery of Best Kasauli Hotels! We'll take you on a taste safari… through exotic views to find nature fresh culinary delights. We'll help you escape the "concrete jungle" Every evening at Hangout becomes a memorable evening as DJ Paras plays amazing songs and videos or some Live Guitar Evening at Best Open Mic in Himachal, India! We'll take you on a taste safari… through exotic views to find Best Techno Music Party in Himachal, India which no other Hotels in Kasauli offer, *Check Photo Gallery of Best Kasauli Hotels! We'll take you on a taste safari… through exotic views to find Resorts in Kasauli offer.

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Hangout started Silent Noise or Silent Disco or Headphone Parties a European concept. Kasauli Regency is the 1st hotel in India to start its Headphone parties. Nightlife in Kasauli generally means: "A few drinks and retire in your room", but if you are staying in Kasauli Regency, you better not miss the fun on the Rooftop Pub & Bar -The Hangout.Tripadvisor has given it 5 star reviews and ranked it the best Bar and Restaurant in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Hangout Rooftop Bar & Lounge has recently started hosting a series of events on a weekly schedule. It started with an Open Mic event which is the first of it's kind in Kasauli and since then every Sunday from 4pm onwards, Hangout hosts an Open Mic with tantalizing live music, poetry recitals, stand up comedy and so much more. The musicians at Hangout play various instruments and perform a variety of songs in different languages from across the globe. Hangout has offered this platform for anyone visiting and willing to share their art and talent with the world.Thursday's at Hangout are kept for Techno music. So Thursday is when you need to put on your dancing shoes and hit the floor at Hangout. The music ranges between genres like Techno, Progressive, Deep House and even Oriental. The vibe inside the bar & lounge is completely different and upbeat. You will want to lose your mind, enjoy the music and move your feet. And of course, Saturday nights at Hangout are unforgettable unless you wake up with a hangover on Sunday. But one shall never regret that because that's how Saturday Nights are supposed to be. The DJs at Hangout play Funk and Disco music.

Silent Disco or Headphone parties is a an International way of listening to music latenight without disturbing others. Hotel Kasauli Regency is the first Hotel in India to start Headphone parties 10 years ago at Hangout. Because of Corona Pandemic these parties have been discontinued, but will start soon.

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Hangout: Most Happening Bar in Himachal

Most Happening Bar in kasauli, Himachal pradesh, India
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